About Us

Our Mission: To educate and entertain the families visiting and living in Hawaii

After researching Hawaii for over 2 years, we determined that there was a demand for an activity for the whole family. We wanted to create a unique family attraction for all ages to enjoy while visiting Hawaii. This is the first and only animatronic teddy bear museum attraction in the U.S. and was opened in November 2010. The retail store and the museum are close to 20,000 square feet with a family food and beverage outlet on the ground floor planned to open in 2012.

Teddy Bear World Hawaii is owned by a Korean company called JS&F Inc. JS&F is committed to representing excellent products, a new family attraction and an excellent customer service experience. Teddy Bear World Hawaii has invested more than $7,000,000 into this project and committed to a 10 year lease. Teddy Bear World Hawaii is one of the few businesses that is wholly owned by a Korean company and appreciates all the support received by the state of Hawaii and its people.

JS&F Inc. has manufactured displays of Teddy Bears worldwide since 1984. The Teddy Bear Theme Park business started in 2001, with now 5 museums in S. Korea with over 1 million visitors annually. JS&F manages golf courses and hotels in Jeju Island, Korea called Teddy Valley Golf and Resort. JS&F experience operating 5 museum attractions in Korea and planning to expand to Schechuan China, Guam, New York, and Los Angeles.

Teddy Bear World is committed to providing an excellent experience of the newest family attraction in Waikiki. We are committed to showcasing a wide variety of high quality teddy bear merchandise in our retail store.

JS&F has provided Teddy Bears to Toys R Us; America’s famous toy store, FAO Schwartz, Harrod’s in England, and various amusement parks. In Jeju Jungmun Tour site on April 2001, we have built the world’s largest Jeju Teddy Bear Museum thus far.

JS&F has had great success to inform the Teddy Bear theme to the public through the TV drama “Gung” (the Royal family in Korea), which has been a sensation all around the nation.

In December 2006, JS&F produced and hosted the exhibition, “Teddy and Friends” at COEX, which was the world’s first Teddy Bear exhibition. JS&F currently runs Teddy Bear production lines in China and Indonesia factory sites.